About The Girls

The Girls Hour are now doing a weekly radio show on Melbourne, Australia's, JOY 94.9! We air on Tuesdays at 12 AM in Australia and 10 AM in NYC!). Download the app "JOY 94.9" or listen below for live streaming and continue to check out our podcast on iTunes! 


Welcome to the official website for The Girls Hour - Our Online Talk Show. We are two women sharing views on everyday life from our point of view. our podcasts consist of discussions such as family life, relationships, social issues, news, pets, positivity, and most importantly, love.

"THE GIRLS" are getting married on june 11, 2016!


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As of now, our shows are streamed on Soundcloud and are an official podcast on iTunes. Subscribe today!


Our "Weekend Reads"


Every other weekend, we choose a featured author from a book to read and promote. If you are interested in being on The Girls Hour, submit your literary work to: thegirls@thegirlshour.com (Subject line: Weekend Read). Below are some of our previous weekend reads:


This week on The Girls Hour, will be "Nothing to lose" by clare lydon!



"Nothing to Lose: A Lesbian Romance" by Clare Lydon!


What Love Looks Like


Send us your pictures of "What Love Looks Like" to thegirls@thegirlshour.com (Subject title: What Love Looks Like).



Our Featured Faves


Here, we like what we like. Jen and Michele are lovers of all music and art. Every show, we feature an artist whether an actor, musician, singer etc. They may be new, new to the scene, new to us or we just like them. Listen to our shows and catch us on social media for the latest pieces from our Featured Fav artists! Send your latest music, artistic talent or work to thegirls@thegirlshour.com (Subject title: Featured Faves). 


our current featured fave from the show: Crystal chappell!